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Bumblebees for pollination of Natupol Standard
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139.20 BYN(69.60 EUR)
Natupol Standard It is the most sold beehive of our company. Natupol Standard is an ideal product for application on various cultures, for example, tomatoes. One beehive is applied on the area about 2000 sq.m from 25-35 by the blossoming plants on 1 sq.m. Additional color signals were also...
Group: Bumblebees for pollination
Bumblebees for pollination of Natupol Smar
In stock 
108 BYN(54 EUR)
Natupol Smart This type of a beehive is suitable for use on the area less than 1000 sq.m and with quantity of the blossoming plants it is less, than 25 on 1 sq.m, for example, bif-tomatoes. Feature of Natupol Smart in a wide range of application of a beehive; the box also had additional color...
Group: Bumblebees for pollination


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