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Cabbage Seeds

Seeds of a white cabbage of Ankom
In stock 
21 BYN(10 EUR)
The most popular hybrid in an average and late segment. Very reliable hybrid, after long storage is suitable for salting and cutting in salads. 110-125 days heads of cabbage are large, 3,5 — 5,0 kg, roundish, dense, with a good integumentary leaf and a wax raid, with snow-white internal...
Group: Seeds of white cabbage
Cauliflower seeds Shambord
In stock 
41.06 BYN(20.53 EUR)
Summer hybrid. 70-80 days powerful plant, with a large number of large leaves which well close an inflorescence the guaranteed laying of a head even at high temperatures strong white inflorescence with the convenient basis which is easy for cutting off and packing it is steady against...
Group: Cabbage seeds
Seeds of a white cabbage of Oriyem
In stock 
22.81 BYN(11.40 EUR)
For fresh consumption and processing.- 75-85 days- the head of cabbage is ovate-roundish, very compact, green color, from short internal kocherygy- leaves quickly fill internal space of a head of cabbage- very uniform internal quality, excellent stratification of internal leaves- costs in the field...
Group: Seeds of white cabbage
Seeds of broccoli of Agassi
In stock 
21.72 BYN(10.86 EUR)
Very fruitful hybrid with especially good results in warm conditions of cultivation.- 70-80 days- inflorescences are average-green, roundish, strong, long keep a trade dress after cleaning- an excellent form of a head with small" rosettes"- thanks to amicable maturing is suitable for simultaneous...
Group: Seeds of broccoli


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