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Parsley seeds Felicia
In stock 
10.73 BYN(5.36 EUR)
Gladkolistny high-yielding grade, for cultivation both in opened, and in the protected soil, including on a hydroponics. for the fresh market and processing the dark, quite gentle leaves very uniform in development
Group: Seeds of parsley
Seeds of a white cabbage of Ankom
In stock 
21 BYN(10 EUR)
The most popular hybrid in an average and late segment. Very reliable hybrid, after long storage is suitable for salting and cutting in salads. 110-125 days heads of cabbage are large, 3,5 — 5,0 kg, roundish, dense, with a good integumentary leaf and a wax raid, with snow-white internal...
Group: Seeds of white cabbage
Seeds of a cucumber of Kibriya
In stock 
6.44 BYN(3.22 EUR)
High-yielding hybrid for the film and glazed greenhouses. For culture where there is no possibility of careful leaving (low-labor-intensive culture). fruits are dark green, uniform color, the identical size to 5 fruits in knot plant open, generative development of lateral escapes is...
Group: Seeds of cucumber
Cauliflower seeds Shambord
In stock 
41.06 BYN(20.53 EUR)
Summer hybrid. 70-80 days powerful plant, with a large number of large leaves which well close an inflorescence the guaranteed laying of a head even at high temperatures strong white inflorescence with the convenient basis which is easy for cutting off and packing it is steady against...
Group: Cabbage seeds
Seeds of a tomato of Makhitos
In stock 
14.78 BYN(7.40 EUR)
Large-fruited indeterminantny tomato Hybrid For film greenhouses Very fruitful! Early enough enters fructification Fruits The mass of 220-260 g, fruits on the first brushes is larger Uniform fruits very high quality, high marketability Rounded shape, red, smooth Dense, do not...
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Seeds of beet of Tsepp
In stock 
45.50 BYN(22.75 EUR)
Ultraearly hybrid of beet Hybrid Wins first place in the market on early ripeness – cleaning on a bunch can be begun for the 35th day after crops! For short term forms a standard root crop, smooth and round, does not form light rings Forms very powerful tops of vegetable suitable for the...
Group: Seeds of table beet
Garden radish seeds Rondel
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
6.86 BYN(3.50 EUR)
Wholesale: 7.50 BYN from 50 g
Large, dense, dark red root crops with very high internal quality Even with a diameter of 5 cm does not grow coarse, keeps gentle structure, does not taste bitter Unlike other grades never forms emptiness! Cultivation For cultivation in an open ground in the spring, in the summer and in...
Group: Seeds of garden radish
Spinach seeds Puma
In stock 
16.60 BYN(8.50 USD)
Salad Puma Summer grade for the fresh market and processing, for cleaning since the beginning of June until the end of September. the large, rounded-off, thick leaves, short scapes excellent quality of leaves, beautiful coloring, high resistance to a tsvetushnost
Group: Green crops seeds
Salad seeds Afitsion
In stock 
10.68 BYN(5.50 EUR)
Batavia salad for salad lines It is intended For cultivation in the protected soil, generally – on a hydroponics The most popular grade for salad lines in Russia It is successfully grown up in the most different light and climatic conditions It is steady To a regional necrosis and a...
Group: Seeds of lettuce
Pepper seeds Mazourka
In stock 
19.13 BYN(7.10 EUR)
Red block sweet pepper.- fruits are thick-walled, tasty, juicy and sweet- quickly enough passes from green to intensive red coloring- fruits can be cleaned both green, and red – anyway fruits brilliant, lyozhky, are not wrinkled at storage- a plant with short interstices, strong, average and open...
Group: Seeds of pepper
Seeds of a cucumber of Komponis
In stock 
6.52 BYN(3.26 EUR)
Early ripe hybrid with a high potential of both early, and general productivity. For salting and pickling.- length relation to diameter 3,2:1- zelenets from average to dark green, crackling, dense, with a small seed chamber, standard until the end of cultivation
Group: Seeds of cucumber
Seeds of broccoli of Agassi
In stock 
21.72 BYN(10.86 EUR)
Very fruitful hybrid with especially good results in warm conditions of cultivation.- 70-80 days- inflorescences are average-green, roundish, strong, long keep a trade dress after cleaning- an excellent form of a head with small" rosettes"- thanks to amicable maturing is suitable for simultaneous...
Group: Seeds of broccoli
Locarno salad seeds
In stock 
11.06 BYN(5.53 EUR)
Light green grade like Lollo bionda for cultivation in an open ground during the whole season.- high-yielding grade- the large, evenly created socket- the sheet edge is wavy, rassechyonny- high resistance to a tsvetushnost even in hot conditions
Group: Seeds of lettuce
Seeds of salad of Anthony
In stock 
11.06 BYN(5.53 EUR)
Red salad like Lollo rossa (double red) with large volume of leaves and weight. For realization by the whole plants or separate leaves.- high force of growth- very quickly forms large volume- beautiful color and deep prokrashivaniye of a leaf- it is steady against low positive temperatures for...
Group: Seeds of lettuce
Seeds of salad of Levistr
In stock 
45.13 BYN(22.56 EUR)
Green salad like Lollo bionda with large volume of leaves and weight. For an open ground and film greenhouses. For realization by the whole plants orseparate leaves.- beautiful dense brilliant leaves- fast development- the socket of leaves is well closed from below- long remains after cleaning- it...
Group: Seeds of lettuce


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